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Offering a beneficial financing tool along with solar broadened the ability to help non-profit organizations, and in turn a unique non-profit prospecting plan needed to be designed and implemented for both sales and service after the sale.

As with any startup, it all boots on the ground, and my duties included: running the customer service desk, repair resolution, solar modeling, site inspections, rooftop analysis, prospecting for both commercial and residential clients, energy analysis, sales presentations, video and photography.

Legacy Energy Development started operations with a unique goal in mind: blend solar construction with financing. While financing is the “Holy-Grail” of renewable energy, offering and building it into the basic structure of a solar company required a broad range approach to marketing.

Just as solar construction and sales prospecting required their own unique marketing approaches, the financing brand would need a unique identity and marketing direction.

Beyond the basics of website construction, logo design, and imagery were multiple business presentations, and financing pitch-decks critical for attracting tax-equity investors and institutional backing.

After 20+ years of success leading the solar revolution, Independent Energy Solutions needed to take a new direction with their solar engineering and construction business. Falling solar prices, increasing competition, and the onset of battery technology would all need to be considered and coordinated with the sales, design, and construction teams.

New avenues into social media needed to be driven where none had existed before including creating new content, imagery, logo, and brand direction.  An existing website would need to be expanded on and content pulled from a 20+ year history of serving Fortune-500 companies.

A new outreach would include re-visiting completed projects and analyzing for opportunity to expand, add battery technology, or optimize. A new level of coordination between sales and marketing was developed to expand lead generation by pulling from the past and reaching out to C-level influencers of rising new companies.

There is no marketing challenge in remaining the same. The real challenge is to change, while hold onto that which built your business and differentiates you from the competition.

My 20+ years in real estate and propery management have proven two absolutes: there is no better investment than real estate and there is no better source of energy than solar + battery.

Our success in business and comfy lives owe a large debt to our natural environemnt and the wealth it offers us. There is no greater return than to ensure your home and business run on the cleanest source of power and the least expensive to own.

Reducing operation cost is not just for commercial business anymore. Sticking with the utility will guarantee that your energy cost will double in the next ten years. Own your energy the same way you own your real estate. 

Since the 1990’s I have watched and worked through the growth and bloom of the Vacation Rental market. From Lake Tahoe to San Diego, The concept of privately owned vacation homes has morphed as much as it has grown. Todays management offerings span everything from the front door lock, to management provided WiFi and SmartHome enabled.

While the technology and scale have changed, the basics have not. Generating income from real estate is the oldest game in the book. The future of real estate is a shared future. The value of the property becoming monetarily tied to those who enjoy it at term. The end user becoming more important to the value than the property itself, in some cases.

A successful family owned grower needs beautiful images to remain competitive in the international flower market. This project required that marketing working hand in hand with photography to capture not just the flowers, but the specific bouquets and arrangements.

The behind the scenes challenge was working with fresh cut flowers that would be arranged in studio, then immediately photographed for the freshest of images, and representing their product quality proudly without photoshop proofing.

The favorites below are just a few of the 150+ amazing arrangements created by designer Michael Daniels over a full growing season.